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About Us

About ISL Custom

ISL Custom, a division of Incredible Supply & Logistics (ISL) is a private e-commerce buying service that provides specialty embroidery and screen-printing solutions on high performance workwear, apparel, gear and equipment.  ISL Custom serves the unique needs of the U.S. Federal, Defense, Homeland Security, State and Local Government and Defense Contractor community. 

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Why ISL Custom?

  • TOTAL SOLUTIONS:  ISL Custom specializes in large volume, complex customizations, on extreme performance products.  We build solutions designed for each individual customer and can provide a secure private e-commerce store for easy, efficient, cost effective, ordering and processing.

  • CORPORATE, PROGRAM BRANDING & MISSION BUNDLES:  ISL Custom is not a small embroidery operation that is servicing community sports teams.  ISL Custom designs and delivers multi-product apparel and gear bundles, supporting the unique customization needs of the Defense Contractor and Public Sector community outfitting national and global programs.

  • PRODUCT SELECTION:  ISL Custom carries high performance workwear, apparel, gear and equipment by the most well respected brands in the workwear and tactical apparel industry.  ISL Custom focuses on supporting a select group of brands for specialized use across:  
    • Security & Risk Management
    • Operations and Maintenance
    • Life & Logistics Support
    • Global Construction

ISL Custom Sourcing Motto:  "If we don't carry it, We can get it!"

  • EXPERIENCE:   When it comes to assuring success in custom embroidery and printing, there is no substitute for experience. And there is no company more experienced than ISL Custom.  We have an unequaled record of delivering customized performance apparel and gear solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements for performance, effectiveness and value.

  • SECURE GLOBAL SHIPPING: The ISL Custom shipping and logistics team is one of the best in the world at managing secure global shipping on behalf of or in concert with our customer’s own logistics teams.  This includes expertise in custom packaging, custom packing, solution kitting and managing all aspects of U.S. or international shipping and international customs management.